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Welcome to the future of self care. Goodmind™ is a premium range of functional mushroom supplement formulas designed to nourish your mind and enhance mental well-being.

Functional mushroom formulas

A holistic approach to wellbeing starts with a Goodmind™. Our Functional Mushroom Formulas are developed using a powerful blend of adaptogenic supermushrooms. Favoured for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, these non-toxic, non-psychoactive fungi are known for the abilities to combat stress and aid in the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

We like to think of adaptogens as nature’s miracle workers – they operate on a cellular level, ‘adapting’ their functions to our needs at any given time. In moments of stress, they train the brain to use oxygen more efficiently, energising the body and soothing the mind. They can also balance hormones, boost the immune system, improve cognitive function and reduce anxiety.

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Elevate the everyday

Whether 30 minutes or 30 seconds, it’s our daily rituals and mindful moments that have the biggest impact on our mental wellbeing. Goodmind™’s Functional Mushroom Formulas will slot seamlessly into your selfcare schedule, working to balance, restore and optimise the body and mind.

Enhanced Focus & Clarity | Immunity & Stress Support

Meet our organic
supercharged mushrooms

In the same way that exercise trains the body to improve stamina, adaptogens train the mind to better handle the effects of stress. They work their magic on a cellular level, helping to stabilize the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal glands – all of which are involved in the body’s stress responses.

Reishi – The Soothing Mushroom

reishi mushroom
Reishi is also known as the soothing mushroom, this powerful, antioxidant-rich supermushroom helps support the immune system and improve the bodies natural response to managing stress. Celebrated for its ability to stabilise and calm the body, it also promotes better sleep and slows the ageing process.

Cordyceps – The Recovery Mushroom

Goodmind mushroom capsules
This anti-inflammatory fungus is praised for its natural support in athletic performance. Due to it’s ability to increase blood-flow and lower blood-sugar, they help the body reduce fatigue, optimise energy, and speed up muscle recovery.

Lion’s Mane – The Smart Mushroom

Goodmind mushroom capsules
Known as the ‘Smart Mushroom’, Lion’s Mane is a powerful, mood-boosting, nootropic that helps protect and regenerate brain tissue, alleviating the feeling of brain fog and promoting overall cognitive health and sustained focus, it also promotes better sleep and slows the ageing process.

Chaga – The Anti-Inflammatory Mushroom

Goodmind mushroom capsules

This anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich fungi helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and is a powerful anti-aging super-mushroom.

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We like to think of the Goodmind™ blog as our happy place. A platform for us to celebrate life’s little wins, to explore the benefits of functional fungi and share real stories alongside tips that prioritize peace of mind.