Our story

Goodminds think alike

In a world oversaturated with information and choice, we’re constantly looking to new and natural ways to nourish our mental wellbeing.

About us

Goodmind™ brings you a premium range of functional mushroom formulas, designed to elevate your everyday life by enhancing your mental capacity and your body’s ability to adapt to stress.

Our story

World leaders in life science and biotechnology, Psyence have come together with natural wellness company Goodleaf to harness the power of adaptogens – non-toxic, non-psychoactive plants used for centuries in ancient medicine for their stress-relieving benefits.

Our Philosophy

An overall sense of wellbeing starts with a Goodmind™. Goodmind™ was created to help you navigate the pressures of a modern world – to celebrate the beauty in balance, and greet external chaos with an internal sense of calm.

Our Promise

To use the power of nature to provide nourishment for your mind, and enhance mental wellbeing and performance.