GOODMIND™️ will partner with vida e caffè, SA’s largest coffee retail chain to launch the country’s first Functional Mushroom Cappuccino!

We are constantly on a journey to see how we can enhance our coffee and health offering to the end consumer, and committed to staying on trend with global coffee developments.

Following the success of the Goodleaf CBD Flat White launched last year, the new GOODMIND™️ Functional Mushroom Cappuccino will be available exclusively at select vida stores nationwide.

Launched on 1 November, customers will also have the option of purchasing a water soluble Functional Mushroom powder sachet which can be added to your favourite vida coffee, tea or smoothie.

The GOODMIND™️ Functional Mushroom range has been developed using a powerful blend of adaptogenic super mushrooms and have been proven to assist with enhanced focus and clarity, increased mental stamina, and immunity and stress support. In the same way that exercise trains the body to improve stamina, adaptogens train the mind to better handle the effects of stress.

The GOODMIND™️ Mushroom Powder Sachets are a blend of 7 functional mushrooms, predominantly:
• Lion’s Mane (The Smart Mushroom)
• Shiitake (The Healthy Heart Mushroom)
• Cordyceps (The Recovery Mushroom)
• Chaga (The Anti-Inflammatory Mushroom)

The new GOODMIND™️ Functional Mushroom Cappuccino and powdered sachets are completely non-psychedelic, 100% legal and safe to use, with no toxins or risk of getting ‘high’.

Goodmind functional mushrooms

Functional Mushroom Capsules

Goodmind™’s functional mushroom formulas combine three different types of adaptogenic mushrooms and have been expertly formulated to enhance your mental capacity, improve the body’s response to stress and nourish your mental wellbeing.

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We are constantly on a journey to see how we can enhance our coffee and health offering to the end consumer, and committed to staying on trend with global coffee developments. Following the success of our Goodleaf CBD, and recent Collagen additions to the menu we have seen great success as our consumers enjoy the functional benefits added to their daily brew. We are therefore looking forward to further collaborating with the GOODMIND team on this new and innovative coffee add-on offering, promoting a healthy body and mind.” Darren Levy CEO, vida e caffè. 

Order your GOODMIND™️ Functional Mushroom Cappuccino in-store or through the Order Ahead functionality on the user-friendly vida app. This allows you to beat the queue, as well as offers contactless payment and 5% cash back. Alternatively enjoy this new offering in the comfort of your own home with Vida e caffe’s delivery partners, Uber Eats and Mr D, deliver safely to you. 

The GOODMIND™️ Functional Mushroom Cappuccino is the perfect way to begin your morning with a daily wellness ritual without changing your habits at all. To find out which vida e caffè stores are offering the GOODMIND™️ product visit

The GOODMIND™️ Functional Mushroom Cappuccino will cost R49, but the sachet can also be bought separately at R20 per sachet. During the month of November, customers that transact via the vida e caffè app will pay R16 per sachet.


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2 thoughts on “Goodmind X vida e caffè

  1. Shannara says:

    Disappointing to note that the Goodmind functional mushroom sachets contain maltodextrin? This is an highly processed additive not only extremely high on the glycaemic index (higher than sugar) but also shown to disrupt intestinal flora leading to inflammation. See the study Laudisi et al. A less than ideal additive that can spike blood sugar. It seems a strange choice to combine with a functional superfood promoted for health?

    1. The Herbalist says:

      Hi Shannara

      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your disappointment.

      The Maltodextrin we use in our products is non-GMO and is a common anti-caking agent, but please know we’ll definitely pass your feedback on to our product development team to assess.

      Once again, our sincere apologies for the disappointment.

      Take care, The Herbalist

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